Throughout history, certain colors have been used to portray particular feelings and emotions.

We have used color to represent the core values and beliefs that are the basis of the SaundersRodgers Performance Golf Academy.

The Player, represented in Orange, is at the center of our logo. The color orange signifies Passion, Confidence, Creativity, Strength, Determination, Joy and Enthusiasm. All of these attributes are present and central in a successful player. The Player is also the core of our philosophy – we are “…all about the player”, which means everything that we do is focused on the continued development and success of The Player on and off the golf course.

The color Green is the embodiment of the Family. Feelings that are evoked by the color green are Balance, Love, Support, Calm, Nurturing, Growth and Safety. The Family plays a vital role in the support system of any player.

The Coaching Team is depicted by the color Blue. Traditionally, the color Blue signifies Loyalty, Integrity, Perseverance, Optimism, Compassion and Wisdom. The Coaching Team forms the other half of the player’s support system.

Developing a synergy between the Player, his or her Family, and the Coaching Team offers the opportunity for the Player to enjoy the greatest level of accomplishment and success.