Advisory Board


Paul Hurrion

Dr Paul Hurrion is a leading international Biomechanist in many sports which gives him a unique understanding of human movement. His specialism in golf has been acknowledged with membership of the Advisory Board for Biomechanics at the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) in San Diego. Multi high-speed camera analysis utilising the latest Quintic Biomechanics software synchronised with an RSscan Pressure Plate is used to analyse, explain and demonstrate human movement. In addition the new Quintic Ball Roll v3.4 uses a 340 fps high-speed camera to analyse how the golf ball reacts off the putter face! The resultant putting action is examined in the utmost detail. His advice has helped many Tour Professionals and Teaching Professionals to understand and modify their ‘putting’ action to the benefit of their own scores and / or their teaching abilities.

paulpaulPaul contributes research articles regularly to many golf and sport publications, providing data and scientific answers to topical questions from many different sporting arenas.

Dr. Hurrion has worked with European PGA Tour Professionals Padraig Harrington, Rory McIlroy, Lee Westwood, Paul McGinley, David Howell, Danny Willett and many others on their putting and full-swing biomechanics.

As the developer of the Quintic Biomechanics and Ball Roll Software used in our Precision Putting Studio, as well as his extensive elite-level coaching experience, Paul’s expertise provides our Coaches with incredible support and an invaluable resource.


Seong Ho Lee

Seong Ho is currently a member of the Japanese Golf Tour (JGTO) and the Korean Tour.  A 7-time winner on the Korean Tour, and 2007 JGTO Rookie of the Year, Seong Ho has already had a fantastic career since turning Professional at the young age of 16.  He has also represented Korea at the World Cup in 2007. The consummate professional, Mr. Lee is a spectacular role model for all golfers in his off-course preparation and work ethic, as well as his on-course talent and results. Seong Ho offers valuable feedback and research on the technology and processes used at the Academy.


Derek Uyeda

Derek Uyeda is a Professional Golfers Association (PGA) teaching professional who has been the Lead Golf Instructor at The Grand Golf Club in Del Mar, CA since October 2009. He provides state-of-the-art computerized video coaching to many Tour players, high-level college players, and various levels of amateur golfers.

Derek was named the Southern California Section Professional Golfers’ Association Teacher of the Year after receiving the award for the Teacher of the Year for the San Diego Chapter of the PGA. He was also aptly named among the top 35 golf instructors in California in Golf Digest’s “Best Teachers in Your State.”

Derek is a brilliant coach whose innovative work especially with putting and video analysis, provide an incredible resource for our Academy, and his sense of humor and personality are a great complement to his expertise.


Jim Mackay

Jim’s love for golf started at age 3 when his parents first put a club in his hands. He was a four year starter and captain of his golf teams in both high school and college. While in college, he competed in professional tournaments as an amateur at the state level and regional level.

Jim has been in the golf business for over 20 years. He is a published author, has been a speaker at the World Scientific Congress of Golf numerous times, is a developer of putting training aids, is an inventor of new putter technologies, and is a putting coach. As a coach, Jim has worked with numerous players on the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tours. His talks and articles have covered the gamut of putting from how vision effects putting to the importance of putter face alignment to identifying how counterfeit putters under-perform in relation to the authentic models. He is an integral part of the ongoing development of the Quintic Ball Roll system, the only system of its kind that tracks the golf ball and putter head in real time at a high rate of speed. He has been at the forefront for the last 5 years on putter face technology working with major manufacturers to improve putter head performance. Jim is currently also working on developing a better putter shaft and creating better statistical analysis to identify and improve players weak spots.

Jim lends his extensive knowledge and expertise to the development and research of the training methods used at the Academy, especially as it relates to putting and the Quintic Ball Roll and Biomechanics system.