The Technology

cta_contact_emailThe Coaching Team at SaundersRodgers Performance Golf Academy understands the importance of immediate and accurate feedback in the learning process. We use many different training aids that provide real-time cues, aiding in the development of “feel” that is as close to “real” as possible.

SaundersRodgers’ students also have access to some of the most innovative and unique technologies used in sport today.

tech_quintictechnology_ballrolltechnology_devinc_beforeQuintic Ball Roll software uses high speed video (360 fps) to determine the launch characteristics of the ball immediately following contact with the putter and the movement dynamics of the putter head through the impact area.

Quintic Biomechanics software allows the Player to relate the visual of the high-speed video to the feel of the putter and ball contact. As the only coaches in Canada with both the Ball Roll and Biomechanics Software, we have the ability to mark and trace up to 21 body parts to monitor the relative movements in space. With efficient and effective delivery of the numbers describing how the ball was launched, how it spins and rolls, the Quintic System gives the Coaching Team and Player the data to make an informed diagnosis on areas for improvement. It also helps to narrow the focus on key information for the Player to consider in his/her quest to gain insight into the difference between a good putt and a poor putt.

tech_trackmantechnology_trackmanTrackMan Golf Radar is the choice for swing and ball flight analysis by golf’s leading authorities, including the SaundersRodgers Coaching Team. The instant quantitative feedback the radar gives both the student and coach “another set of eyes” providing insight into club and swing dynamics, as well as confirmation of ball flight characteristics. Working with the radar regularly also helps to accurately monitor the learning progress, which can help guide future program content.

tech_focusbandtechnology_focusbandFocusBand is a mind training system designed to make a real diference using neurofeedback. Worn as a halo around the head, FocusBand gives real-time feedback on Eye Movement (Quiet Eye), Focus, Face Tension, Anxiety, and Mushin (Right or Left-Brain Activity). FocusBand wireless technology works to actually monitor how a person is thinking ON COURSE, IN THE MOMENT, and which techniques and elements used in a pre-shot, in-shot, and post-shot routine actually work to help a player perform in an optimum state.


TrackMan Pro in action off the tee.